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Re: Help me! ebay CD auction.

I don't want to be the odd one out but here is my take..

I have been REALLY RIPPED OFF on ebay SEVERAL times (I now longer buy on there unless it is from 4 sellers I trust)

I have actually bought diapers that were listed as AIO's and then they were fitteds..Have bought AIO's that ended up being pockets and have bought diapers that were listed as EUC and then were anything but that (I wouldn't even think about re-selling!)

Is she asking about them in a mean way are maybe from the perspective of a woman that has been ripped off before?

Perhaps she is new to CD'ing OR perhaps she thinks you are new and may not actually know what you have?? Maybe she thought she was being helpful??

Anyway, I don't see how if what you are selling is AIO's and she bids and gets AIO's she could leave bad feedback? I would Just let her know how long you have CD and that you are sure these are AIO's and not pockets
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