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Re: Gluten Free Mamas, UNITE!

I just wanted to add as far as getting a diagnosis, traditional allergy testing may or may not show if you have a sensitivity to gluten. There are a lot of different kinds of reactions your body can have to foods and it may not mean you are "allergic" in the typical sense of the word but you know your body and know that there is something going on. I honestly think the best way to know is just to try cutting out the possible culprits. If it helps, great! If not then maybe you will want to try and figure out what else could be going on by getting tests. If you are able to manage it I don't know that the actual diagnosis would be as important. We do not have one for my son but I notice a difference in his digestive symptoms. But as a pp said, if it will make you feel more certain and comfortable with going on and staying on the diet, go for it and get tested. That is totally understandable, it's whatever you prefer. Good luck, hope you feel better!

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