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single parents/non-traditional families forum

I'd like to formally request a single parents forum here at DS. Due to the high number of single parents here at DS, I think that this type of forum is warranted here. Being a single parent has it's own set of challenges both financially, mentally, and emotionally. Within the last few months there has been at LEAST one thread every few days pertaining to custody and visitation issues, separating from one's husband/wife, or thinking of leaving one's husband/wife. I think that it would be easier if there was a separate forum for us single parents to frequent for answers to our questions and for us to brainstorm positive solutions to the problems that plague us regarding finances, going back to school, custody issues, dating again with kids, etc. I've been hoping for this for a LONG time here at DS being single with 3 children for 2 1/2 years now and I'm really really praying that the powers that be will grant the wish.

ETA: I think it's the general consensus that a non-traditional famlies forum would be the most inclusive and beneficial forum to the DS community.

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