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Re: Summer weightloss challenge! Closed to new contestants but open support for all!

Originally Posted by SammyJammy View Post
Thank you Ladies for the Happy Birthdays. It sucked. My family asked me what I wanted and I told them about $20 each so I could get a high chair and some cloth diapers for my son. They said ok. Well, yesterday no one called and wished me happy Birthday, no one stopped by, NOTHING. Not even an IM saying happy birthday from my family. I called my mom today and she said it was cause they were mad at me because I wanted too much for my birthday and I am selfish... WTF! I told them instead of buying me anything, which they usually spend $30+ on each of the other "children or grandchildren" My age. It was my birthday... Sorry ladies to be on a soap box or such, I am just kinda hurt. Oh well, see how they feel when their b-day comes around.

I lost 2 lbs this week
Starting weight - 280 lbs
Current weight - 271 lbs
Goal weight - 160 lbs
120***110****100****90****80****70****60*** *50****40****30****20****10****pounds to go!
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