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Is this normal?

Ok, DJ weaned himself in January when he was about 19 months. I was already pregnant at the time and had been pretty much dry for a while. When I was pregnant with DJ, I could express a little bit of colustrum towards the end, but that was all. I'm now 28 weeks and leaking like I did when DJ was a newborn! I'm engorged and leaky and I swear I had a letdown this morning! Is this normal for the second time? I'm supposed to go for another three months like this? Or should I be concerned? I started having contractions at 23 weeks and my midwife said that my cervix was a little thinner than she'd like but was not dilating at all so to get as much rest as possible (with a toddler!) and take care of myself and just watch out for any signs that things were progressing. I've still been having contractions for the past several weeks (not BH...real contractions...yippee) but should I take this milk thing as a sign that my body is getting ready or is it normal?


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