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Re: ACOG revises VBAC guidelines!

Honestly I am not jumping for joy. I have been in the pregnancy scene for 16 years now. My twins were delivered by c/s. W/ my second pregnancy I planned a VBAC, which was a HBAC. Women were completely encouraged to VBAC. Then it all changed b/c there were ruptures in VBAC moms, most often related to induction, specifically by cytotec. Instead of not inducing VBAC moms they said all VBACs were unsafe and stated they no longer supported VBAC b/c it was unsafe. Now they change their stance *again*. But what is millions of uneccessary surgeries on women? Honestly, how can women trust the ACOG? How can we put our bodies into their hands? It isn't their stance on VBAC that needs to change, but the whole system, until they view birth as a normal event women will continue to get cut uneccessarily.
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