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I think I've been duped

I had a hinky feeling about this from the beginning.

I posted something on my ISO and mentioned that I had pp for it. A user pm'd me and said she had it and asked me to make an offer. I made an offer and told her I was interested but wanted to see pics. She was a new member (about a month) and didn't have any feedback yet. When I asked about feedback, she said she had sold a bunch of stuff and would have feedback soon. I paid a week ago. Yesterday I pm'd her for an update. She hasn't been online since I paid and I checked her feedback again. Well, she has 1 positive review. I checked that members feedback and she has 1 pos and 1 neg. I think these two members are the same person. I read some of their posts, and really I think they are the same person. Even their user names are similar. I just filed a claim with paypal and don't know what else to do. I'm so
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