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Re: ACOG revises VBAC guidelines!

Originally Posted by Mamatoabunch View Post
Honestly, how can women trust the ACOG? How can we put our bodies into their hands? It isn't their stance on VBAC that needs to change, but the whole system, until they view birth as a normal event women will continue to get cut uneccessarily.
I hear you, mama. It's my hope that their recommendation will change the way that OBs (and even midwives who are dependent on OBs for backup care) view VBAC. I agree with you that the root of the problem is that the birth establishment views the birthing woman as a ticking time bomb, but perhaps these guidelines will relax the absurd shackles that have been put on so many women unnecessarily. The stories of women coerced into cesareans really haunt me. Here's hoping for less of that!
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