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Re: For those who had difficult pregnancies

Thanks everybody. I talked to my MW on the phone yesterday and she did phone in a script for anti-depressants. I'm not happy about taking them at this point in the pregnancy but something's got to happen here because I feel like I'm falling apart. I also got a decent night's sleep last night which helped. I'm still exhausted but much better than I was. Just for grins, I also went and got a manicure and pedicure which I never do but it was nice to feel pampered for a little while. I'm going to the herb store later and I'll look at the Omega 3's too.

I'm past the 34 week mark now which is what we've been waiting for. It is still better if I go a few more weeks but at least I'm at the point now where the baby will probably be ok. So...just hanging on...somebody remind me in a few weeks how anxious I was to get this baby out...
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