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Re: Breastfeeding Articles in NY Times

Originally Posted by Quisalas
I honestly believe that formula should be sold by prescription only. Yes, there are women who can't breastfeed, and once a doctor has determined that a baby would be genuinely better off getting formula, thent he doctor can give the mother access to formula. It would make switching to formula less convenient, more of a hassle, and make the decision one you genuinely think about, instead of just flippantly deciding you don't want to try breastfeeding because you don't think you would like it. Now, I know this isn't really something that's very easy to implement, and it'll probably NEVER work because too many people in the US use formula and they wouldn't vote for it.

I want a blinkie that says "FORMULA * For When Second Rate * Is Good Enough"
I understand the logic behind making formula more difficult to get and I have mixed feelings about it. At first glance, it seems like a good idea, and if the only alternative to formula was breastmilk then it might work. The problem is, there are a lot worse things that babies could be getting. If someone is not going to breastfeed, for whatever reason, I'd rather them have easy access to formula than resort to cow's milk, juice, kool-aid, or whatever else they can get their hands on. Even for a mother who just doesn't want to breastfeed because she's selfish or immature or uninformed or whatever, if she goes to her doctor to get a script for formula and he tells her "'re able to bf...I can't let you have formula", then she's going to be defiant and resentful. She may give in and decide to give bf a shot, and hate every minute of it and hate her baby for it, or she may look to the "black market" for formula, or she may say to he!! with it and give the baby cow's milk right away. So how have we helped that baby?
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