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Re: AP Parents Friends with Non-AP parents

i dunno what to tell you, im tired of listening to people tell me i have to beat my son or else hes not gonna listen to me :sigh: what i DO do doesnt work a lot, though if i tell him to put something down and he does, i say thank you and clap and then he does and gets all proud casuse he did something right and got i dont hit him, though im told to all the time im not totally against it though when theyre older, whn they know what theyre doing more than thinking its funny, or just being bored, kwim??

and as far as the giving them something to cry about, ive thouight on that for a long time annd i think i know...sort of, other than it just being one of thos things people threaten their kids with to try to make them shut up- its like if they are already crying, and wont shut up, then whats the difference in making them cry if they already are, if im making sense, lol
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