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Re: For the Love of Reading Daily/Weekly Chat -NEW-Come on in!

Originally Posted by reithegenki View Post
Well - so far I haven't made any more progress in Emma, but I have read around 2,000 pages in the past week, lol. Fanfiction. Ugh. It's my (beloved) weakness that frequently keeps me away from reading a real book. I have been reading a series or two by one author each of which are aprox. as long as two fantasy novels. I am almost done with the final one (about 60,000 pages to go - I'll be done by tomorrow) and then I am not allowing me to begin reading another fanfiction until I finish Emma, the Stepsister Scheme, and the Child Thief.
What kind of fanfiction are you reading, if you don't mind me asking? I read some doujinshi (about 300 pages of Togainu No Chi last night ) but haven't read much that wasn't comic style. I know there is tons out there, just haven't committed to it. Might have to for some of my favorite anime/manga though. It is real reading, as much as anything else I guess.
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