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Re: tips for toddler undereating and pickiness?

Your daughter has learned how to manipulate you. If there were texture issues or things she's never liked, I'd say different. But, she's learned that if she won't eat what you've made then you'll give her treats or make only what she likes.

Kevin Leman's

I picked it up at the library.

In our home if you don't eat, then your plate gets wrapped and you have it the next day until it's gone. My kids hover between -4th and 4th percentile. They are tiny, but they eat. They also play...very hard. We have a farm with a pool, with swingsets, animals etc. I'm only 5' 2 and DH is barely 5' 6". We do not have large kids. But, they are soooo healthy. I don't get mad, I don't argue, plead etc. C3 is my strong willed one and he will buck veggies or whatever, but he always eats it the next day. Between 2.5 and 5 he was soooo difficult, but, it is getting so much better.

Over and over again I've learned that little children will not starve themselves. Going 12-18 hrs without food (not water) will not cause starvation at your DD's age. If you are not completely consistent, she will hold out longer and longer, complain more and more and it will progress to fits. If you eliminate the battle by not allowing her to make you into a short order cook, then you'll not pull your hair out. If you don't, this battle over food will transcend into every other area of your lives. Your life will become a battle ground.

Big Hugs. I've BTDT. You can have peace at the dinner table and in your home!
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