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Re: tips for toddler undereating and pickiness?

Originally Posted by elioraimmanuel View Post
Your daughter has learned how to manipulate you. If there were texture issues or things she's never liked, I'd say different. But, she's learned that if she won't eat what you've made then you'll give her treats or make only what she likes.
OK. I'm not sure where on earth you saw that I give her treats or only make what she likes. I have never made her something new just because I thought she'd like it better than what was prepared. If she is going to eat at all it is what I've made. Yes, I've made her eat a predetermined amount of the set meal before being 'rewarded' with something else. Never junk. I work extremely hard to ensure that everything we have in our house is high quality nutrition... as packed full of nutrients as possible. She does need high fat foods but most don't exist. A high fat 'treat' for her might be some avocado. So if that's being manipulted then so be it. I feel that it's a parent's duty to set their child up for success. I do not see myself as being manipulated by trying to get her to eat well. She has always struggled with texture issues along with allergies but I know that this is not coming in to play with her recent statements about 'not liking this food'. Two days ago we had a talk about the diffference between 'not liking something' and 'not bieng hungry'. This has helped a lot. I still need to work harded than most parents to fill her body with nutrients, vitamins and fat because of her being underweight and struggling with several severe allergies. This does NOT constitute being manipulated. Sorry.
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