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Re: tips for toddler undereating and pickiness?

Originally Posted by deezee02 View Post
What kind of "milk" does she drink? Almond milk does not have many calories,but could add scoops of hypoallergenic powder formula to it to fatten it up?

DS is a picky eater, and due to his heart condition, we need to keep calories in him. I spent a few days letting him eat when he wanted,then I started to plan meals around those times. SO the kids eat dinner at 5, instead of 6 or 7 with DH and I. He is not a big breakfast eater, but will eat a ton around lunch time. (11ish).

For dinner, I give him a choice of the sides that I make. He cannot stand meatloaf for example, but will eat peas and potatoes. I do not force the food, but I put a little of everything on his plate, he can eat or not eat and have seconds if he wants. If he wants a snack after dinner that is fine, as I do not keep junk food around the house. He usually wants fruit. You can also get coconut yogurt, but I am not sure where yet (friend told me about it.)

Also, try the book deceptively delicious for ways to get veggies/fruits into regular foods.

Finally, some kids are just small. As long as she is developing and following her own growth pattern (even below the line) she is more than likely fine.
So, sadly, her curve has dropped yet again. She grew taller but she has actually lost weight agaoin- she never ever stops moving so I can't say as I'm surprised. The ped. just wants to make sure she gets her fat up to feed her brain but overall isn't super upset or anything. I like your idea of using the hypoallergenic formula to 'fatten' things up. It is truly horrific tasting and she never took it even as a baby but nursed for a long time instead. But, I could 'hide' it!
Coconut yogourt is not available in Canada. I have no idea why not. BTW, it's available at Whole Foods in the US and I know that because whenver we know of anyone going to the US we ask them to bring us back a whole bunch because DD truly LOVES it! It is GREAT! I did try and make some homemade coconut yogourt but since we also can't get the dairy/soy free yogourt starter in Canada (again, no idea why not!), I just had to use a probiotic powder and I must say, it turned out kind of 'interestingly'... not exactly yummy.
I also love deceptively delicious... I should go through it again and include some of the things in my next meal plan! Thanks!
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