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Re: tips for toddler undereating and pickiness?

Originally Posted by ariannasmommy22 View Post
Yes, I always have a morning snack (cheese & fruit) and an afternoon snack (PB on banana w/ raisins). Healthy snacks help to fill in the gaps. I also would recommend trying to get off the Almond Milk. We drink raw milk in our family and it doesn't bother my lactose intolerant belly at all. Many people are able to drink raw milk who can't handle dairy. Do some research on it if you're interested. Also, things like Kefir are very tasty to little ones...add some maple syrup and fruit to it and he will eat it up. Kefir is also very tolerant on lactose intolerant bellies and filled with probiotics. You can find it in the natural food section next to the milk.
Yes, I only WISH it were lactose intolerance... but it is a milk protein allergy severe enough that she must carry an epipen at all times and even reacts if she touches something that once held milk without being washed. It also means no goat, sheep, etc milk. Oh, and because of the severity of her allergies, we were told not to intro any high allergen foods such as nuts until full spectrum testing after age 3... so she has rice milk not almond (still no fat and low protein so not good)... but can and does enjoy lots of seeds and seed butters!
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