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Re: tips for toddler undereating and pickiness?

Originally Posted by Koolio11 View Post
Oh trust me- I've NEVER tried to restrict calories or fat with her! Cheese is out because of her allergies- cheese is by far the easiest high fat food out there otherwise. My challenge is just finding high fat/calorie foods out there that are safe for her!
So sorry, I didn't mean to imply that *you* were restricting calories or fat. I thought you had posted that snacks were only fruit and veggies, that was my mistake. You have my upmost sympathy. It is hard enough to try and pack the extra calories and fat in when you aren't dealing with food allergies.

Can you daughter have nut butters or sunflower or soy butter? Those are nice and calorie and fat rich and are pretty versatile. In addition to spreading on bread, I spread them on fruit and add to smoothies. I also stir olive oil or butter in anything I can, since you can't use butter, maybe another mild oil? My daughter is starting to enjoy dipping, so I've been using that as another way to get some fat and calories in her while still giving her the fruit and veggies that she loves.

ETA: I had my screen open for a while, so I see that you just posted about nuts and seeds.

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