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Re: tips for toddler undereating and pickiness?

You can check if it's availiable in Canada, but there is a product out there called DuoCal. It's a tasteless powder that really can pack calories into a meal. They wanted to start DD on it, and we never did since her eating had picked up at that moment. Right now our sneakest trick since our food issues are mainly sensory is she has "ice cream" on days she doesn't eat well. I have an ice cream maker at home and put almond milk(you could sub rice milk) bananas and Shaklee meal replacer poweder in a blender and then freeze it. You have to let it thaw a bit before you can scoop it, but she loves it and it gets protien into her which is our struggle. Hopefully you can find something she loves. If you want more info on the powder PM me.
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