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Re: tips for toddler undereating and pickiness?

Would she eat hummus, pasta tossed in olive oil, smoothies (made with rice milk/coconut milk, avacado, pureed navy beans and whatever fruit to sweeten them up-I swear you can't taste the beans-you can also puree chicken and add it-can't taste that either)? What about adding coconut milk to the rice milk to up the calories? We did that with DS when he was small.

Our meals go something like this
8:30 breakfast (if you get up before and want a little something, you can have some dry cereal)-a bread, fruit and milk are served-if I can get a protein in too, I do
10:00 snack (smoothie or handful of nuts, craisins, seeds, etc-something small)
11:30 lunch (protein, bread, veggie, fruit, milk)
3:30 snack (2 food groups-fruit, milk or bread, milk a lot of times)
6:30 dinner (protein, 2 veggies, fruit and starchy veggie or bread)
8:00 snack (treat-ice cream, apple cut up, popcorn, glazed nuts, etc.)

I serve a small portion of everything and my rule is that before you get seconds of something, you have to eat 2 things completely or have taken a decent bite of everything. The portion size is about 2 T. (so not an enormous amount to eat to begin with). If a child chooses not to eat, then that is their choice (no arguments, no cajoling), but I don't serve food again until the next time. I run a daycare, I don't have the luxury of changing schedules all the time-if it were just me at home with my kids, I might do something different. DS is my pickiest and he's not really picky, he just eats when he's hungry. Today he ate only a couple bites of a bagel and 1/2 a peach for breakfast, but had 2 pork tenderloins, 2 helpings of mashed potatoes and a roll for lunch. I don't expect him to eat much (if anything for dinner). GL mama, I know the worries that come with kiddos not gaining weight.
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