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Re: For the Love of Reading Group July 26-August 1

We made another library trip today, even though it was totally unnecessary. Well, I guess it kinda was. We'd read through DD's books several times and needed fresh ones for her and I wanted to turn in what I'd already read and then renew an audiobook I haven't gotten to yet. I was planning the trip for the weekend, but couldn't help myself on that side of town. So anyway, DD has a pile of new, fresh books for us to read and I'm working through my stack. WHY I keep going to the library when I have a small private one in my office is beyond me!

But anyhow! I finished my Bull's Island audiobook tonight and really enjoyed it! It was some nice, light fluff and I mainly listened to it in the car and every now and again during my YMCA workouts. I've been reading a lot of fluff lately and feel a little guilty.

I've also started A Year in the Maine Woods and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. I do have The Boy in the Striped Pajamas on audiobook I've been working on for a while during workouts, but it's not grabbing my attention much. I've heard such great reviews though, so I'm really wanting to buckle down and focus on it.

I'm doing great with my goal of reading with DD every night, but I'm only at 5/6 books read for myself this month. Maybe I can find the extra time in the next couple of days to finish up my audiobook or one of these other two I've started and still make it. If not, I got close.
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