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Re: Basically Thursday is a get-up-&-go day!

Originally Posted by jacksmommy1 View Post
Im glad you had a great morning Janine. So far so good here! Im up and at em early today
Go for it Kari!

Originally Posted by niftysmith View Post
Good morning.

I love the stuffed cats, Janine. Sorry you missed out on breakfast ... but ice cream sounds like a good way to make up for it to me.

I'm . I keep saying Elisha is teething, but I think he really, really is now. Hands in his mouth, not wanting to sleep, not wanting to eat, whining. Baby Tylenol has saved our sanity and our bedtimes. He got two chew toys in the mail yesterday, though—a Sophie the Giraffe and a wooden bird. He already loves the Sophie:

Oh! And today is DH & my anniversary. Four years. I'm going to work today, but taking tomorrow off to celebrate.
I didnt miss breakfast, I never have breakfast but I do get the kids dressed for school/kindergarten before breakfast usually....I was totally out of sync all morning because stuff was done in the wrong order.

Fynn loves his Sophie giraffe too. Cute pic.....I love the pics you have to look at for a sec to see what's happening like this one.

Originally Posted by ruvalokiteshvara View Post
Thanks, Kari - E agrees with your kids. Hard boiled eggs it is!

Sorry about the ants, Steph. I have refrained from saying it out loud, but it appears that we did in fact defeat our bug problem from when we moved in to this place.

Originally Posted by ruvalokiteshvara View Post
Oh, and Janine, the cats, too!!

Originally Posted by bethsflutterby View Post

kids all are grouchy runts this morning.

DH was up and gone by 4am, luckily his vacation time starts tomorrow!! YAY! & he also has an interview w/ the owner of the Outback he was thinking of working at tomorrow at 3pm!

I don't know what is wrong with me. ANOTHER night of absolutely no sleep. & I just remembered that AF hasn't started yet, along with NO signs. ack. I HATE when my cycle is messed up. I am about 6-8 days late.
My doctor told me I was due for mine too but nothing.

Originally Posted by mom2sadieandbean View Post
tired and computer ate my post. I hit something on my keyboard by mistake and it took me to a different page. When I got back to this page, of course my whole post is gone.
That happens to me too often. I hate how DS is messed up all the time.

Originally Posted by bethsflutterby View Post
sorry your post got eaten, Cecilia!

Janine...I think those kitties are my fav's! I LOVE the thought of making something special out of clothing our children wore when they were tiny. Maddy has a few t-shirts she LOVED that may need to be made into something. I had thought of taking all her monkey t-shirts and try to make those into something...
Surprisingly t-shirt fabric is the hardest fabric to work with. The velour was only doable because I had the layers on top of each other and it stuck to itself like velcro. The best one to make was the pale pink one. Fleece was horrible to make and shirt fabric is the absolute easiest to work with.

Originally Posted by lemurmommies View Post
Good morning mamas. Hopefully our computer is working better today and I'll actually be able to hang out on the thread a bit more! It kept shutting down and freezing yesterday and it was making it pretty impossible to do anything.

I've got to take E to swimming this morning. It's his last class for the session, then he'll have two weeks off before the next lever (assuming he passes this one.) But next week he has Dino day camp Tues-Fri. I have to bake a zucchini bread today, pack for our cottage weekend, and a photographer is coming to the house before supper. I'm tired just thinking about it! We'll be missing soccer today.

Love the cats Janine. The pale pink one is my favourite!

Love Eli and his giraffe!

Sorry the kids are being cranky grumps today Peggy.
Oh wow, you have a busy day ahead of really is a get up and GO day for you today.

My favourite one is the pale pink one too......I think I'll have to redo Shannon's one once she sees these 2. I dont mind though.
I am Janine; mum to Shannon (10), Derry (8), Cameron (7), & Fynn (4)
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