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Re: Colic?

ok my DD has both colic and reflux. Reflux is when their formula of breastmilk which ever one you are doing does not stay down it will come up the esophagus - if she is not spitting up she could have what they call silent reflux when they do not spit up. Some signs - pulling knees up or keeping their legs straight, arching their back, crying when it is feeding time, and spitting up or projectile vomitting. My DD had all those signs there are more but those are the ones I can think of off hand. If she is on formula you might want to talk to you ped about switching to a different formula - I have tried 5 different formulas and now she has to be on a prescription formula because she also has an allergy to milk protein. She is also on prilosec because zantac did not work for her, ped medicate to try to nuetralize the stomach acid so it does not irritate the esophagus as much.
Colis is crying straight nonstop for more then 3 hours mainly occurs at night time.
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