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Re: Colic?

Thanks. she doesn't spit up often and when she does its very small amounts, my first dd spit up amazing amounts of formula when she was on it lol, I considered myself lucky this one didn't. She's only thrown up once since she was born. What do I do if she hates her car seat, swing and bouncy? lol I've tried all three and she hates them just cries as soon as I put her in them. all that works is carrying her around. I have a sling and carry her as much as possible but I can't carry her all the time. I'm gonna try and find a way to prop up her bassinet so she's on an angle see if that helps. I've tried gripe water with her and oval drops but they don't really seem to do anything? what other drops are there? we do her formula ahead of time anyway and then just warm it up. I'll try switching her to another formula and see if that helps! Thanks!
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