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Re: For the Love of Reading Group July 26-August 1

Originally Posted by Rainfall View Post
It sounds like the kids' reading goals are going great! It'll be so neat when my little ones are older and will sit through chapter books.

I hope Kearnan's tests and things come out ok. It sounds stressful and scary. I'm sorry, mama.

It is going really well, I am impressed. Kearnan has always loved sitting through chapter books, we've been doing it since he was tiny. He didn't like picture books at all till he got older. He would just yank them away from me, look at the pictures for a minute and toss them away. Tharen is the opposite, he only liked picture books, the shorter the better. He has to be moving all of the time so sitting still for reading is a new thing for him. I neglected reading chapter books with Kearnan for quite a while because I just couldn't find the time with an active toddler. Now Tharen is finally able to sit still at bedtime. So we are buckling down and committing to make the time. I should work on doing some picture books with him too though.

I am hoping things come out well in these tests. We have been watching his growth and doing these same tests every 6 months for the past two years. Last year he made his target of 2 inches of growth but just barely so we continued with the wait and see approach. His endocrenologist is watching him for signs of puberty, if he hasn't grown enough before puberty starts we will have to do HGH shots I think, but if he doesn't meet his growth target or if his bones age too much we are looking at doing the shots anyway. I'm so torn on what to do. I know it is hard on a man to be abnormally short, but I am nervous about the idea of these hormone shots and what they might do to him. At least the bone age scans are painless. He thinks it is so cool because the technician always shows him the x-rays on her computer before printing them. The blood work is a bit stressful but he took it like a champ. I am really proud of him. We should know more on Wednesday when we see the Dr. Hopefully the blood work will be back in time. I will try to remember to up date here to let everyone know what we find out.

I am still taking it easy on my reading, mostly "junk food" reading. I finished Boy Meets Boy last night. It was cute, not exactly a deep read but nice all the same. I like the authors writing style, the descriptions were fun and light and the pace was good. I haven't really picked up anything considered "young adult" or "teen lit" since I was about 10 and discovered Ann Rice with the exception of Harry Potter which I bought to read to Kearnan and Twilight (gave in to peer pressure LOL). As dh says it is good to step out of the box sometimes and try a change of pace. I don't think I'd want to read young adult stuff all of the time but it is kind of nice every once in a while. Today I read some manga I've been putting off for a couple of months. I got through books 1 and 2 of Incubus and most of the way through book 3. I will probably finish it tonight or over my morning coffee. My total page count is now about 1851 not counting the pages in book 3.

On goal two we are most of the way through Nighty Nightmare. I had a hard time putting it down tonight and not just blazing through the last two chapters. I can't help myself, I love these books and I hate to put something down when there is so little left of it. But it was already pretty late and I needed the boys to go to sleep. If we have time tomorrow we will try to finish it so we don't have to wait till next week to do it.

On goal three Kearnan read a beginner reader version of a Biscuit story on Wednesday and today he read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, my personal favorite form Dr. Seuss. That was a lot of fun. He is doing so well now. So he has read 3 books so far this week. Our goal is 5 a week, we may get one more in tomorrow. We just have an orthodontist appt to work around so time is a bit short.
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