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Re: Knitters/Hookers/Spinners/Dyers *WIP* 7/29

Originally Posted by LadybugMom757 View Post
This sounds exactly like what I experience. Only I have some "up" days mixed in where I can't stop being super-mom and talking everyone's ear off, and buying stuff online that I can't afford, then I have a day like you just described. I see my kids being afraid of me, and not knowing what I'm going to do or say, and it makes me want to
I take Zoloft and last year I saw a therapist to help work out some "trigger" issues and also to give me some coping tools with the things that stress me out.
Oh, that sounds familiar. I'm mildly bipolar, too. I had a family doc prescribe things that he said were safe for TCC/pregnancy so I think they'd be safe for nursing as well. I think it was Buspar and Wellbutrin together?

Originally Posted by AshleyLD View Post
I have always had panic attacks. ALWAYS. Since i can remember. I do think about just walking away.. Disapearing. I also think about speeding up and not stopping.. I have battled depression my whole life. so i know what it feels like. I havent felt like this in a long time. It just sucks not being able to enjoy my pregnancy. I love being pregnant.. I love the wait for the baby. i feel like i dont even want her. Its awful.

Thanks for all the hugs mamas. This is probably the only place i feel like i can open up.. Even though its totally public.
My mom and I both get those drive-the-car-off-the-road ideations sometimes. It's actually better this pregnancy than it is normally, but I had that (plus panic attacks and all the fun stuff) as long as I can remember, too. I was on meds for it as a kid.
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