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Re: Knitters/Hookers/Spinners/Dyers *WIP* 7/29

Originally Posted by ELC Knits View Post
That is beautiful Jessie!! And about taking pics of your neighbor.

I agree with what has already been stated about the wonderful support here. I suffer off and on with bouts of depression especially around September when our son was still born in 2007 and October when our 15 yr old committed suicide in 2008 which then leads into the holiday season AND the months where we have the least amount of daylight so it can really linger on and I have to try my best to be concious of it but sometimes I'm not and I just can't pull myself out of it and it has to be brought to my attention and sometimes I need to talk to someone outside of my family to help. But really, when we lost Mystic to suicide I hid for months and it was finally my friends here on DS who tracked me down through previous pp purchases and emailed me and got me to snap out of it. There is nothing like the community of women (AND TIM!!!!) that we have here - it is an awesome creation
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