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Healthy eating on a budget?

For starters: I am working out again, trying to build muscle. So- I need to be on a high protein diet, eating between 72.8-91g of protein daily.

I have between $25-$40 a week for groceries, though I would *like* to stay on the low side. That needs to include breakfast, dinner, and snacks. That needs to include my protein powder, which is $30 a month, so $7.50 a week.

I have NEVER had to shop before OR cook...but I now have an apartment on campus with a kitchen.

Help me think of meals I can make, cheaply, that is high in protein?

For breakfast it will probably be:
2 eggs
Protein shake w/ skim milk

Chicken breast
Lima Beans
Wild Rice

Boiled eggs
Raw vegetables
Hummus with pita bread
Fresh fruit

Is something like this possible?
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