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Re: Ok, lets talk about detergent, for once and all.

Wow, thanks for all the info and the work you put into the research.

I am curious about the statement that petrochemicals are rarely allergenic. I have chemical sensitivities, and no bias against petrochemicals per se (I use mineral oil for many things, and must avoid aloe) but my respiratory and skin reactions happen frequently in reaction to petrochemicals.

It's also important to not just blame synthetics when there is a sensitivity. The root of my chemical sensitivities is aspirin, which is a synthetic salicylic acid. Natural salicylic acid is in willow bark and aloe (this is why aloe has anti-inflammatory properties). For me, natural baby wipes are more irritating than ones from "the man" ... I despise the fragrance in most, but have skin and respiratory issues with the natural and sensitive ones (except Target Up&Up Sensitive, which has no aloe and has lanolin).

I tried a billion different things in the years of figuring out this sensitivity; the only detergent that works for my own clothes long-term is Biokleen All Temp Liquid (makers of Bac-Out). A lot of their cleaning products irritate me but that one doesn't and it's doing well for my diapers.

And while I'm plugging (NAYY), an $8 jug of Biokleen can wash more than 240 loads of diapers (twice that in HE) if I'm calculating correctly (1/4 the recommended detergent per load ... recommends 1 oz and it's a 64 oz bottle ...)

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