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Re: My first Pediatriction "interview"

At my appt to get my eyebrows waxed the lady (I always see the same person) told me all about her "crazy" son and daughter in law whose baby is due in 3 wks, and how they sent out this email with their birth plan adn the fact that they weren't planning on circ'ing. She and her husband had an issue with this, worrying about the whole locker room thing. I took the chance to reassure her that there would be plenty of non-circ boys in the locker room along with him...and that we hadn't circ'd either.

The thing I thought was a little funny was that they 1) felt the need to send their birth plan and circ choices out to the entire extended family, and 2) that the entire family felt the need to weigh in on their decision! I mean we did the whole natural water birth thing, and did not circ, but it never even occurred to me to inform the entire family in advance!

We just had to switch pediatricians, ours has gone on an extended leave. The new dr is 100% ok with ebf, but I am really not sure about vaccinations and cd's. His wife was my lactation consultant, and she was kinda older-hippyish, so I would imagine he will be ok with both. No clue about his views on circ, really, but ds is 9 mos old, so it isn't really going to come up at this point - lol.

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