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Husband having surgery, recipe help please!

Hey all, my DH is having surgery in 10 days, and I am trying to plan our meals for his recovery time. He is having his tonsils out, as well as his uvula and palette trimmed, so for the first few days he is going to be on broth and similar liquids only. They said that after that I can slowly add in soft foods like noodles, oatmeal, etc. Nothing with potentially sharp or scratchy bits (i.e. no chicken unless I puree it, etc, and he isn't enthused about that.)

I figure that the first week I will have to just serve him separately, as he feels ready to eat, but I would love to have "soft" food recipes for after that, as complete recovery is going to take 10-21 days and I imagine he won't just want noodles for that whole time!

So any nutritious, soft type meal ideas/recipes would be very much appreciated
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