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Re: Ok, lets talk about detergent, for once and all.

Originally Posted by Alioop View Post
Soft water makes it harder to get a good rinse, so I am guessing you had some residue. Country save and WAHM detergents are mostly water softeners, so if you already have soft water, they are going to be less helpful in general.

Super hard water is bad too, but you have great water now for laundry, so it makes washing alot easier.

Oh, and as for 1 tbl spoon...yeah, that is about all it takes. MOST wahms dont add fillers to the detergents, so they are more concentrated. I have to say I dont really measure mine when I use it, but I have a FLer, with a little cup, so it makes it easy to eyeball. I DO use extra oxy with all my diaper loads though. (or, I should say I did, since DD is basically PLed!) I am kinda oxy freaky like that. (powdered tide and stuff is alot lighter by weight than my detergent 1tblspoon is close to 1oz of powder.)
I feel like I'm seeking counseling. . .

This is me - super soft water from a whole house water softener. I'm convinced it is my water because there isn't any other reason I should be having issues - and I've always had issues (mostly ammonia)

So is wahm kinda of detergents aren't so great for my water - what would be??
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