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Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.

Morning mamas ~

I noticed this morning that Julia's rash is still red, but not as scaly. She's now had three treatments of the antifungal, and I'm keeping her in the less absorbent diapers so she'll need changed more often. I'll put coconut oil on for the changes in between antifungal (3X per day) to help speed the process along. I'm also going to seriously minimize my dairy for a few days and see what happens - not totally eliminate it, but not eat cheese or ice cream or drink milk. Sadie was ok with trace amounts, but couldn't handle a lot.

I reorganized the freezer/milk stash today. I was running out of room in there so I cleaned out a plastic basket that was holding random stuff and put the first milk I pumped in there and then almost filled the other two freezer baskets with additional milk. The biggest basket holds 47 bags, and each of the others probably holds about 20-25? All of the bags have at least 3 oz. of milk, and most have at least 4-5. The largest basket probably has a month's worth of feedings while I'm at work so we may have a 2-3 month headstart by the time school starts. I'm determined to get back on the pumping bandwagon and pump about an hour after each time Julia feeds during the day and immediately after feedings at night. I just NEED to. I want to need to buy another freezer so that we can still have a reasonable amount of food frozen as well. I had started cleaning out the freezer and prepping things that I could take to school to eat, but I ran out of storage containers and need to get some on Thursday when we go grocery shopping. DH thinks it takes up as much or more space, but once we get the mini fridge dug out (it's been buried in a corner of the basement since we moved) and to school I can keep some of the frozen meals in there in addition to the milk I pump during the day.
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