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Re: For the Love of Reading Daily/Weekly Chat -NEW-Come on in!

Originally Posted by sugar_booger View Post
well I'm on a trip this weekend so not much time for reading, but I did get in a few chapters when our flight was delayed. The Constant Princess is getting better now, I would have read more but dh forgot his book and was starving for attention so I had to put my book down and chat with him instead. Then I fell asleep on the plane, maybe I'll get to read more on the way home.

Anybody read Shutter Island? I saw the movie and it was fantastic, I didn't even know it was based on a book before watching it.
I did read Shutter Island a month or two back and LOVED it! I haven't seen the movie, but am really looking forward to renting it sometime. I'm curious to know how close the movie/book are. It's a good read though!
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