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Re: Garnet Gab -July- Monthly Chat

Originally Posted by nrsenadenos View Post
I thought you weren't supposed to take Aleve while BFing?

I know my neuro gave me a list of three daily meds to ask the pedi about to prevent migraines - Topomax, something with an E (enalapril, elavil?), and something else. The pedi wanted me to stay away from Topomax, but the other two were ok. I don't want to start a daily med right now. He said Imitrex was ok as long as you pump and dump for at least 4 (and preferably 6) hours after as it clears your system pretty quickly. So I have that on hand if they get really bad, otherwise I'm trying to just use Advil until we are weaned.
I reference this chart usually.

As I read it, it's ok to take occationally while bfing (just not during pregnany). They don't recommend taking it all the time, which I don't.

Thankfully I've only had a hand full of migraines since Emma was born.
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