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Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.

I'm home but Derry has gone back to the hospital with Heiner.

They thought they could just glue it. The first time they missed a bit and it was bleeding and dripping before we got to the car. Then we went back and they glued it again......dripping and bleeding before we got the car parked at home. It was 7pm by this point so I brought her in, dressed the wound and told Heiner he would have to take her back to the hospital. I had to stay home to nurse Fynn to bed.

It's 8pm now and still now word but I'm sure she's fine. She did really well with me....Heiner isn't so good at preventing the meltdowns but I think she should be ok, she had pain meds from me about 1.5-2 hours ago so she shouldn't be in too much pain.
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