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Re: Ok, lets talk about detergent, for once and all.

Originally Posted by Woe_Betide View Post
Alioop,you made me subscribe to ds!I'v been lurking a long time...

Thank you a lot for all those informations.It's gonna help a lot of peaople.

But I have to say I need help too.My son's diaper smells of ammonia in the morning.And I tried a lot of things,nothing seems to help.I will strip my diapers,that's sure.As far as i know,the water here is not soft or hard.I have a very normal top loader.

But anyway I have trouble with detergent.I tried many (omaiki among others and right now nature clean 3x liquid) but everyone but rockin green is extremely hard to rince out.There is alway tiny bubbles,sometimes up to 5 hot rinces.And right now I'm using 1 1/2 teaspoon!I use vinegard during the soak(I soak overnight after a pre-rince)

I stopped using rng because he is costly and right now I cant afford it.

What can I do or add to my laundry?I would mutch prefer to use what I have here than to use the little money ! have to buy something wich will maybe no even work...

Something else...I'm a member on another forum about diapers but in french.I'm sure what you told about detergent would help people there too.Can I translate it and put it there?With a link to here and everything so that it's clear its you who have written it.

Edit to add a question.
Sure, translate away. My french is horrible, or I would help!

I would try boiling. That is a good place to start with a clean slate.

Just get a big pot, with alot of water, and bring it to a boil. you just need to have the diapers in there for 10 minutes or so, and them wash them with a squirt of dish detergent.

Always wash with HOT water, and rinse with Hot water. Hot rinses better than cold. (we think of washing with cold for stain removal, but for bacteria and soap removal, hot is better)

We also switched diapers here to avoid buildup. We had some really nice thick Bamboo fitteds...with lots of layers. Those just never seemed to be able to get clean. I ended up making my own inserts, out of flat diapers instead. SO, for overnight, which is when the ammonia is really a problem, we used a thin fitted with no snap in or sewn in insert, so it was just a couple layers of fabric. Then, we folded up a flat diaper which I had made, into a big "pad" insert. These folded inserts washed and dried very easily, and were easier to keep clean.

I made the inserts with bamboo or bamboo hemp (could use cotton). Cut to about 15" x 50". If you use fleece or another knit fabric, you dont have to even sew it. You can just cut. If you use a woven (like flannel) you need to serge or finish the edges to prevent fraying.

Then just fold the insert up so that it makes an apx 4"x15" insert.

You can adjust the number of layers your child needs by adjusting how long the fabric is. shorter than 50" if you have a NB. We did this with a 2 YO, so we needed alot of fabric for over night.

Or, you can buy flat fold diapers and use those if you are not a DIY kind of person.

Rocking green is easy to rinse out because it has very little actual soap or surfactant in it. It is mostly water conditioners. Most commercial detergents are much higher on the soap, with less of the washing soda.

If you are using a commercial detergent, use less of it than suggested and it will be easier to rinse out. Add washing soda, and it will help with the rinsing too.
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