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Re: Garnet Gab -July- Monthly Chat

Originally Posted by JoeysMomma View Post
I reference this chart usually.

As I read it, it's ok to take occationally while bfing (just not during pregnany). They don't recommend taking it all the time, which I don't.

Thankfully I've only had a hand full of migraines since Emma was born.
Ah see I read it as being categorized at the same level as Imitrex, which our pedi said to pump and dump after, so I haven't been taking either. Maybe I misunderstood the chart?

Originally Posted by viersmommy View Post
unfortunatley i get migraines every single time AF shows. Which of course had to be yesterday. I thought it would be better today, it usually is on CD2, but unfortunately it's worse. I got up to get ready for church this morning, quickly figured out I still had my migraine and almost passed out at the top of the stairs when I tried to go get ready anyway...needless to say kids and I stayed home and are (im)patiently waiting for DH to get out of class so i can have a nap
Hope he is home by now. Those are the kind I get, though they have gotten worse with each pregnancy. Of course the pregnancy and breast-feeding hormones don't help any. I pretty much always have a low-grade headache now, and in the past it's gotten worse when AF returned (still waiting here). My neuro wanted to try a daily medication, but since they are ok but not great to take while BFing I'm trying to wait.
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