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Re: Virus/Malware Reports - Please post here

Originally Posted by mbeachamy View Post
I got a horrible virus from here on my computer last week. It kept saying I had a virus and continuously tried installing and wanted me to pay for. I was unable to connect to the internet however and p o r would pop open spontaneously. I had to totally restore my computer back to factory condition to get rid of it.

Threat: BankerFox.A

other threats are from Win32/Nuqel.E

That's exactly what happened to me. Malwarebytes/rKill/AVG..none would run, or rather, they'd run, but wouldnt' find it. Finally, on the 5th or 6th running they got it. But i did get the p-word and sites popping up

Strangely, i had mozilla firefox internet installed and it would work fine, but internet explorer was compromized.

It was 2 trogens (crypt YHT i think it said?) and 1 thing that came up as a warning
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