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Re: For the Love of Reading Group July 26-August 1

Rainfall, To Kill a Mockingbird was such a good book. I look forward to the day when the boys and I can read the same books and discuss them. Some of those classics are so much better when you can share them.

I actually spent a good bit of time reading this weekend, surprising considering how busy we were. We had Kearnan's birthday part on Saturday so there was a lot of baking and planning going on. But I read Friday night and Saturday night instead of getting on the computer so I covered a good bit of ground. I finished Incubus 3 only to discover it was not the last book in the series. I really want to know how it ends but book 4 has not been released in English, that or it doesn't exist at all. I'm on a quest for a possible scanlation. I decided to read Rainbow High, another of the novels my friend loaned me. It is another teen lit but it was well written and I enjoyed it. Now I kind of want to read the other two in the series, Rainbow High is actually the second book, she didn't have Rainbow Boys or Rainbow Road sadly. They can be read on their own, but it would be nice to read more. I am now at 2408 pages total.

On goal three, we didn't have time to read on Friday, too much going on with orthodontist appts and finishing up the weeks home school activities. Tonight we finally finished Nighty Nightmare for a total of 473 pages since starting.

Kearnan also didn't get a chance to read on Friday, other than his sight word cards. Tomorrow we need to try to get to an emergency Orthodontist appt, two of Kearnan's brackets popped off. MIL is going to give us a ride and then I think we are going to stop by the teachers tools shop. But we will still try to find time to read at least one short story. Still aiming for 5 books a week for him.
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