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Re: Knitters/Hookers/Spinners/Dyers WIP 8/1

Originally Posted by Spindle Spun View Post
Oh ladies, I feel your pain. I will make my weekend story as quick as possible.

We spent the weekend at my 10 y.o.'s hockey tournament. He is a goalie. Got to the hotel late so just had enough time to grab sandwiches from the gas station for dinner before we went to the rink for game #1. The older 2 hated the sandwiches, but I made them eat at least half anyway. The littlest one (16 months) loved it and ate almost a whole sandwich. Sandis (my goalie) threw up immediately after dinner & right before his game. Bad. Gracie (middle child & 7) laid on the floor of the hockey rink the whole game with a bad tummy ache. Thia (littlest) threw up on the bleachers. We went to the other side of the rink where there are no bleachers and watched the rest of the game. Boys lost 11-3.

Thia was up with HIGH fever all friday night. Used up the small amount of baby ibuprofen I was smart enough to bring along.

Game 2 on Saturday at 2pm. Got to first game. Lose 10-2.

Can't find children's ibu or tyl. at the store. This is north MN lake country. You can find fishing bait, at least.....

Game 3 on Saturday at 6pm. Wasn't able to squeeze in dinner before the game. Sandis (goalie) says he doesn't feel good and won't eat. Give him a juice smoothie to hydrate and give him calories.

Sandis did awesome first two periods with 60 saves in the game and faced 71. Third period he is hunched in goal thinking he will puke. He skates to bench to tell coaches he is sick & gets sent back to goal. No backup goalie this tournament. Goal after goal after goal goes in. Lose game #3 11-0.

In bed by 11pm Saturday night. Thia has HIGH fever again. Chew up 1/3 200mg ibu tab and try to sneak it to her in a skittles. Didn't work so hot. We resort to sponge baths.

Sunday. It is my birthday Up at 6am. Leave at 6:40 for Game #4 at 8am. Sandis says he doesn't feel well, tummy hurts. Lose game, 10-0.

Sandis is weepy and sad and stressed out. He faced 248 shots and let 42 in. Sad day in goalie land and bad day in mommy land.

Thia is weepy, but not feverish. She still won't eat. Gracie is ticked. She has been at a hockey rink and with a sick baby all weekend.

Drive home.

Get home. Unpack. Do diaper laundry. Do 3 loads regular laundry.

Hubby sits on couch. He does say happy birthday. He made a cake. There is not frosting. Mentions he needs to go get frosting. Takes Thia upstairs and sleeps for four hours.

Sandis is still weepy. 6:45pm I leave and go to a restaurant and buy myself cake and ice cream. Get home at 8pm. 45 minutes later I put kids in bed.

Gracie made me something out of 3 plastic baby hangers and kite string when she found out no one got me anything for my birthday. Sandis gave me something. I'm not sure what it is. There is glitter, though. And I think it is broken. I got a check from my grandma.

It would have been nice if they had just sang happy birthday.

Okay, sorry that was long. Bad weekend.
So Sorry.. but HUGE Happy Birthday HUGS
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