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Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Okay while I'm waiting for someone to tell me if it's okay to put furniture over closed registers, I will share one story.

Another ticket seat snafu, where they assigned us 2 and 2 and 1 in subsequent rows. Of course they don't let you change the seats before you get to the gate for whatever stupid reason. Get to the gate, and stupid person says they can't change our seats. Also says we can't preboard with all our kids, so we can get there before everyone else to potentially ask if we can trade seats. And of course flight attendants are so busy they can't really help you in real time for these things.

So I'm sitting with Ian, and DH I thought was going to sit with the girls and pre-empt person to trade seats. Ian is high-maintenance, so I don't see DH goes to his assigned seat, dumbass. Guy takes seat next to girls and DH tells him the situation, and asks if he can trade seats.

Guy says, no, I paid for this seat and I'm sitting here.

DH says, sir, it's going to be a very long flight for all of us if I can't sit next to my kids. Please reconsider.

Guy says no thanks.

DH is on the verge of having giant meltdown, but says fine. If they are loud, spill stuff on you, cry, whatever, it's on you. I can't do anything about it from here.

So girls sit next to ****head, which infuriates me for about 5-10 minutes until flight attendents come to close all the bins and such. Then flight attendants ask DH where his kids are, and he tells them he tried to change seats with guy, and he wouldn't move. Flight attendant asks him to move, and he resists. Flight attendant assumes guy has language barrier and probably makes issue worse, but gets him to move.

I don't begrudge anyone asking for special favors if they have to change seats, I totally understand you *should* get what you pay for. I am equally frustrated you can tell the airline online you are travelling with small children as you are purchasing your tickets, and they not only don't tell you your seat assignments until after you buy but put you in distant seats. But seriously, I have never seen anyone like that.

But otherwise the flight went ok. The kids were very well behaved. I was kind of hoping they'd kick the guys seat the whole flight, but they didn't.
Oh goodness....stupid man!

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Well, right now I'm only planning on closing the one. But I have to look around, some of them are in the baseboard and some are on the floor, I have to learn where they all are. I can't do much of anything while Ian is home/awake, he is obsessed with the stairs and hasn't quite mastered them yet. He already fell down them once and busted his chin. And when I first checked him out, DH didn't tell me he just fed him a bite of baloney so I nearly passed out when I saw the chewed up bloody blaoney that looked like chewed up cheek/tongue, LOL. DH wants to get gates but I know he will master it in a few days and then he'd climb the gates and fall down the stairs so not helpful.
Oh wow, that would have scared the crap out of me too!

Originally Posted by jwjbbrown View Post
Cheryl dont place furniture like sofas over open registeres and dont close too many or your house will be cold this winter. A table should be fine.

Sorry for the butthead on the flight.

Janine sorry for the thrush and for Derry's foot.

Off to take care of my sich DH...poor puking flu guy.
Sorry Jerry is sick...feel better soon Jerry!

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Poor Ian....but I love the pic. That's a frame worthy pic.

Originally Posted by RebekahG77 View Post
A little messy right now, Adelle, but this is the general idea... trying to go for loose waves:


Originally Posted by RebekahG77 View Post
The kids and I are enjoying one of Janine's peanut buttery bars. yummmmmmm... I just love that the kids eat them so well. They make an awesome breakfast. I made a double batch, in the hopes that they'll last us the week.

VBS this week, so we'll be rushing in the morning. pb bars to the rescue!
I need to make some more of them. I need to find someone in the UK to send me some GF oats so I can make them for Cami too.

Originally Posted by niftysmith View Post
Elisha just woke up in bed, talked to himself for five minutes while I was in the bathroom, and when I came in to get him back to sleep, he was sound asleep. I was in shock. Then, I was excited. He went to sleep himself!


Originally Posted by dragondance View Post

My mud girl, less than 10 minutes after we got home from church:

And then, oh no, mud in her eye:
Awwww she did have fun though, sorry about the eye.

Originally Posted by niftysmith View Post
Oh, and my highlight of today before I go to bed: My pre-pregnancy jeans fit. I even have to hike them up every once and a while. My MIL washed them and put them in the dryer (I stopped putting them in the dryer because it made them really tight), so when I went to put them on this morning, I just KNEW they would be too tight ... but ... they weren't. So I stood there and tried to think if I'd worn them since they'd last been washed, but I haven't. Then I said, "YAY!" really loud and freaked out the dog.

It felt good.
Lucky you

Originally Posted by vmomma View Post
That's a nice little gash, Janine!! It looks like she took it like a champ though
Because she only had one stitch they did it without numbing the area (that would have been more stabs with a needle than just sewing it closed), Heiner said she did really well. I just wish they'd of fixed it right the first time we were there.

Heiner will be writing a very clear letter of complaint to the red cross service. If I'd of followed their medical advice Derry's entire summer holiday would have been ruined. They said not to bother taking her to see anyone about her foot till the morning. If we'd waited they wouldn't have been able to sew it closed and we'd be working on healing her foot with a 0.5 deep 1cm long cut in it for the next foreseeable future. I'm just glad I took no notice of that.
I am Janine; mum to Shannon (10), Derry (8), Cameron (7), & Fynn (4)
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