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Re: Breastfeeding Articles in NY Times

Originally Posted by Quisalas
I honestly believe that formula should be sold by prescription only. Yes, there are women who can't breastfeed, and once a doctor has determined that a baby would be genuinely better off getting formula, thent he doctor can give the mother access to formula. It would make switching to formula less convenient, more of a hassle, and make the decision one you genuinely think about, instead of just flippantly deciding you don't want to try breastfeeding because you don't think you would like it. Now, I know this isn't really something that's very easy to implement, and it'll probably NEVER work because too many people in the US use formula and they wouldn't vote for it.

I want a blinkie that says "FORMULA * For When Second Rate * Is Good Enough"
I agree! It's too bad that many doctors & even peds don't believe in & theirfor don't teach thier patients the value of breastmilk! Our son's doctor for the first 18 monthes of his life actually told me that she doesn't advocate one over the other & that it's just a mom's choice! (& she was one of the better docs of the ones available!) If more doctors took a stand for breast milk, their might be less formula use...

The bottom line is that breastmilk is best! Period!! I'm not sure this is the approach I would have taken, with the bull riding (it's pretty negative), but I do believe in what they are trying to say!! It's good for mama's to know that breast milk is best, & that even with breastfeeding obsticles, it's worth it!!

I do believe that the availability of formula hinders breastfeeding... Both programs like WIC, that use our hard earned tax dollars to purchase & distribute something that 95% of us have for free! & the formula companies being able to talk around the truth! They can say that their milk contains DHA & ARA & they can say DHA & ARA in breastmilk promote brain developement, etc!! So even though they now know that they can't add them to formula & have the same effect, they can still talk around the facts!! Urg!!

But the world is hard to change!! In some cases if WIC, (etc) formula was taken away, some mama's would have to breastfeed... but some would in fact feed cow's milk or maybe even kool-aid...
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