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Re: Knitters/Hookers/Spinners/Dyers *WIP* 8/2

Originally Posted by mommylifew3 View Post
Ok Here's a pic:

The funny color is bairly picked up by the camera. It is where the orange meets the purple.
What do you guys think?
Originally Posted by mommylifew3 View Post
Thanks ladies,

Here's the whole thing wet on the table:

It's the colorway from the hollis from valerie but without the natural. The colors are a bit deeper per request.
And this one is FO:

And just for fun, I just won this:
It will be perfect for christmas. I guess we are doing wine colors this year, lol. Maybe I'll get a rhs done for Mae. lolololololol
Beautiful!! and i love the sweater! I Love wine colors!
Originally Posted by blossomgoat View Post
I think the yarn looks great. But little brown at the color switches never bothers me. I like brown.

As for me, I'm working on the SH for the KAL and reknitting a pair of longies I received as a tester. The legs were an inch uneven and the crotch was not kitchener grafted (just strung on a single yarn), the first set of short rows was on the front, and there were knots all over. I love the yarn, tho, so frog frog frog! I'll be happy with them once they're done.

I'm in a pickle on the SH, tho. I've finished to the bottom of the body and find that while it fits my 18 mos old nicely, it also fits my 3.5 yo! Who gets the sweater?! ARGH! Probably the little one as it's a scrappy sweater and I want to make sure I have enough yarn for it.

ETA: the baby still as a fever and my MIL arrives today for a week's stay. We're suposed to be doing a last minute clean as a family but DH is still in bed.
Thats bad.. why would someone be testing that?
Originally Posted by LaPetiteKrottCreations View Post
Ok, so I frogged the romper I was working on because I was using cascade lime coloured wool for the trim, and it was not quite I dyed some to match...

This is what I need buttons for April!! The colorway is called Lagoon...any ideas for buttons?? I will need 4

matches great!!!

Good Morning! I stayed up late talking to an old friend from HighSchool. Ihope I didnt piss DH off. I am SOOOOOOOO tired. This weekend wore me out! I need to finish these longies today. Only like 30 more rows.. If i actually get a chance to sit and knit.. I shoudl be able to get them done in about an hour.
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