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Re: PLEASE help me make a monthly menu!

I'm sure that is super frustrating. For menus, I don't do a monthly-I do weekly, but you can check my blog for ideas if you wish. I try to be thrifty.

Also, there's the cockpot365 blog that would be good. If you could throw food in the crockpot in the am, then you could dish yourself some up to take to work and DH and the kids could have it for dinner.

For chores, would it be feasible at all to have some sort of weekly calendar that has cleaning jobs/tasks to be done and then you check them off as you can get to them during the day? Then your DH could check the list through the evening if there is any time (after the kids go down) and do a few things too. I would do it by priority, so the most important things do get done and if the shower (or some lesser thing) goes a couple weeks w/o being cleaned, so be it.
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