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Re: Basically its Tuesday!!!


Originally Posted by niftysmith View Post

Good morning. I hate going to bed angry. I slept terribly. I'm so mad at my mom. I even called her on Sunday before I got her letter and she didn't say a thing. Her letter was so nasty and full of stuff I thought was over between us. Ugh. Selfish my a$$. Sorry. Had to get that out. Moving along ...

At least I got to snuggle the baby all night. His cuteness does help make things better.

He's on the couch next to me, pulling on the velcro of his diaper cover. He's discovered it's down there. It's only a matter of time before we convert to snaps, it seems.

Originally Posted by jacksmommy1 View Post
Good morning all. BOb starts his new job this am so i am goign to try and get outta the house. SOryy about the pain janine. Tif :bighugs:
Yay for starting his new job!!! I hope it goes well.

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
We slept much better last night, everyone even stayed in their own beds and didn't get up until 7am and 8am. The top floor is not nearly as cool as the basement.

Ian ran off with Rosie's glasses and we have no idea where they are. This is going to be fun!

Originally Posted by erin13 View Post
Me, we are supposed to go to a pool party play group today, but I feel like Lacie's head is on my cervix and I'm having contractions so Ty and I are chillin' at home today. I'm 5 minutes from the hospital so I have no need or desire to venture any further in case things start to progress. I'm listening to "Baby Stay IN!" and drinking lots of water and resting. I promise, I'm taking it easy.
Baby Stay IN!!!!!!
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