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Re: PLEASE help me make a monthly menu!

((HUGS)) Mama. That has to be hard. DH is encouraging/demanding that I go back to work soon and I can see our lives becoming just as chaotic. I can also see me working full time and still being expected to do all the cooking cleaning and so on that I do now. sigh.

I don't so much do a menu. I should, but I never seem to get to it. I can share a few simple recipes. But first how does your family eat? Meat or non meat? Do you guys eat fish? I have a few easy microwave fish recipes that are soooo simple.

I agree that the crockpot can be your friend while you transition. Through a roast in there with some potatoes and carrots and you have a yummy meal with very little effort. Sometimes I throw a frozen roast in my crockpot before I go to bed with more water then usual and it's done when I get up. When I do that I usually don't do the potatoes and carrots, but instead make instant mashed potatoes (Those betty crocker bags) and open a jar of gravy and then heat up some corn.
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