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Re: Colic?

My daughter was VERY colicy when she was a newborn. And, also very high needs. She was the same way about not wanting to be put down, woke up when you put her down if she was sleeping. She would NOT sleep in the carseat (I dreaded going anywhere because she would SCREAM her head off the whole way). She wouldnt sleep anywhere but MY arms.
Look into getting a sling, or pouch those are good for younger babies. She'll sleep because shes with you but you dont have to always hold her in your arms.
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Take her to her ped. it may be the formula if she is gassy, and she may have reflux.
Mylicon or Little Tummies Gas Relief is good to have on hand. We went through TONS of that. For a good 6 months I gave her a dose at every diaper change. We went through it like water, but it really did help.
My baby is 1 now and just starting to grow out of it (not to scare you LOL) but shes just a high needs girl.
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