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Re: Basically its Tuesday!!!

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
I skimmed. LOVE the headbands, still wouldn't pay to fix a house that I didn't own myself, made the same trip to WM last to get the supposed 17.5" Nautilus and was disappointed when I measured it, wanna see dyed goodness, and I'm sure other stuff I forgot.

I really hate to keep complaining, but dang. My house is full of these giant wardrobe boxes that are like 30 or 36" square and something like 50+ inches tall. I thought it was because we have few dressers and hang everything, but half of them are just crammed, and I mean crammed and not carefully packed, full of random stuff. I can't lift them, and I can't get the stuff out of the bottom without laying them on their side and crawling in, or dumping them upside down. I'm about to have a conniption, LOL.

And to make matters worse, everything is missing something. We unpacked the TV and all its components...and it was missing the power cord. I unpacked the girls' computer, it was missing the mouse. They brought in all these bookcases, but no one knows what they did with the shelves that goes on said bookcases. So I can't set anything up, put anything away, or walk around freely in my own darn house. I just about blew a gasket after spending the whole day unpacking and rearranging things telling DH for the fourth time move enough doggone boxes down in the basement so we can set up the dining table, I CANNOT feed the kids on the floor one more meal. I can't move the boxes and I can't put the table together or I would have done it myself.

There may be a bed burning tonight. Farrah...I'll see you on the other side.
I think the Nautilus is only that skinny as a HBB, not as the seat with the cupholder/sides. And WOW on the movers. At least the company will replace all the missing things. Wow.

Originally Posted by Preggo View Post
BTW, my son was a laugh riot at the dr's today. He managed to entertain everyone in the waiting room. This little girl came in and he insisted on showing her how strong he was. "CHECK OUT MY GUNS!" and flexed. and then, he sat down next to her and started talking to her. When she started talking to him, and showing him how to make a bracelet with some string. (very good idea btw, I'll have to use that when we go to the dr's when he's older) Anyway, he was talking to her for a few minutes and then says loudly "Do you think I'm handsome?" she said "uhmmm yes." and he says "WOOHOO...I THINK I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!" I can't take this kid anywhere I swear.

and a bit crampy but I only have two hours left of work. So I don't know if I'll leave or not. I want to leave when I'm actually crampy but stay during the breaks, lol.
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