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Re: Basically it's Woolly Wednesday!

Cheryl, in the north there are two seasons for roads: winter and construction. Enjoy the outing today.

Janine, Jerry did have his ceremony and all went well. Pretty wool and cute soaker. Love the pic of Shannon

Mel hope E continues to enjoy camp, it sounds like lots of fun

Peggy enjoy the shopping

Tif. That is a hard one.

Steph sorry for the tireds.

Becky I hope Blake is going better and you all got some sleep.

I am up and at’em. Laundry running. Sheets next. Diapers then wool after that. Everyone has had breakfast. That is all the farther I have thought about today. I will head out to swim in an hour or so then swing by Blockbuster for some moves for the housebound today.

MH and Jerry are watching some PBS and I am hiding for a bit. MH woke up super clingy and was making me nutso. All she wanted to do was nurse and I was done after 1.5 hours of that…..
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