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Re: Basically it's Woolly Wednesday!

Back from camp drop-off. Oh how I love the fact that the camp is in a building that's just around the corner! Now the cat is trying to help me navigate the internet. Soooo not helpful! Little wet noses on the laptop aren't very good at working a touchpad!

I have to do some cleaning while E is at camp this morning, but I am giving myself until 10am to get started. Going to sit and watch some Food Network first.

Originally Posted by jwjbbrown View Post
Cheryl, in the north there are two seasons for roads: winter and construction. Enjoy the outing today.


MH and Jerry are watching some PBS and I am hiding for a bit. MH woke up super clingy and was making me nutso. All she wanted to do was nurse and I was done after 1.5 hours of thatů..
SO true about the roads. And you were done after 1.5 hours of nursing? Imagine that!

Great picture of Shannon, Janine! I have clearly missed what all of this testing is for. If you don't want to say on here, could you message me here or on FB?

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OMG, there is a CD store two miles down the road from Michaels! I can get a diaper sprayer today! That means I can put on his Becky diapers...except I'm not sure where his wool is, LOL.
That's awesome! Have fun!
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